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Single door Mirage
Single door Mirage
Single door Mirage (Black)
Single door Mirage (Black)
French door Mirage
Custom wave top – 10MM enclosure
Custom angle – 10MM enclosure
Custom 90 degree with top support bar
10MM tub partition glass
10MM inline enclosure
10MM  shower door with 24” ladder handle
10MM 90 degree corner shower
10MM inline enclosure with square style towel bar
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Bring light and beauty into your home and office

At H & L Glass, we have the knowledge, expertise and resources to help you realize the design and function you’ve dreamed about. Give us a call and we can arrange to show you some of the new and innovative glass products which can add a new dimension to both interior and exterior design projects. You can view some of our recent work in this online gallery.

BATHROOMS: shower enclosures, glass shelving, mirrors
KITCHENS: glass shelving, glass backsplashes and countertops, cabinet glass
COMMERCIAL: window glass, glass partitions, hand railing systems
EXTERIOR: window and door replacements, railing systems, glass windbreaks